The Art of Leadership: How Amy Malkan Empowers Through Creativity

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Recently, Amy Malkan, a Houston native who is a public artist, professional speaker, and entrepreneur, appeared on the Champagne Talks podcast. During the episode, she discussed her journey as an artist, her passion for self-development, and the creative team-building workshops she developed through her company, The Malkan Group, LLC.

Amy’s passion for self-development and creativity is evident in the unique approach she takes to leadership training. Instead of traditional lectures and seminars, her workshops use various creative activities to make leadership concepts tangible, sustainable, and applicable to everyday life, both personally and professionally. Her workshops have been successful with businesses, non-profits, corporations, schools, and youth organizations.

In addition to her work with The Malkan Group, Amy also uses her art to inspire positive change in her community. She works with various mediums, including acrylic, aerosol, and mixed media, to create fine art, commissions, and public art installations. Every piece she creates is done with purpose and intention to transfer positive energy through the artwork. Her ultimate goal is to empower the viewer to see a different perspective and recognize the potential within themselves. This is the philosophy behind the Art of Leadership movement.

During the Champagne Talks podcast, Amy Malkan shared her experiences as a public artist, entrepreneur, and creative team-building workshop facilitator. She discussed the challenges she faced in pursuing her passions and the strategies she used to overcome those challenges. She also shared her insights on the importance of creativity in leadership and the positive impact it can have on individuals and organizations.

Overall, Amy Malkan‘s appearance on the Champagne Talks podcast was an inspiring and informative conversation about the power of self-development, creativity, and leadership. Her unique approach to leadership training and her commitment to empowering individuals through her art make her a valuable asset to the Houston community and beyond.