Northern California Hip Hop Artist M. Aundre Delivers His Debut Single “Altered State.”

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Emerging California hip hop artist M. Aundre released his debut single “Altered State” on all
music platforms 02/23. The brand new single is definitely one for music listeners to follow, in
the New Year. There seems to be much about this calm and collected lyricist that is unknown.
The allure of rising new talent, always keeps people watching.

With the release of his debut single, M. Aundre hopes to create a new lane with his sound. This
talented songwriter’s natural connection with his audience is clear. As the Santa Cruz, CA artist
says, “With my debut single, I wanted to take it back to another era, and still move forward with
my sound.”

M. Aundre has an affinity for retro film/TV. He is an artist, whose background covers a wide
array of areas. This is an artist who is constantly creating various works. The energy he carries,
M. Aundre is often awake at night. He is bouncing off the walls, with ideas. Music is definitely
an art, which the California native gravitated towards. Lyrically, M. Aundre is killing it. There
aren’t many stepping forward, in this manner.

It is always exciting to discover new music, particularly from such a talented emerging artist. It
would be interesting to see M. Aundre cross genres. This is an artist, who can definitely make his
way on various types of tracks. I’m quite sure that many will agree. I can honestly say that
there’s the allure. There is a certain curiosity that hangs, after hearing M. Aundre go bar for bar
about the life. When can we expect more music? We will just wait, and see.

From the way this artist presents himself, it’s not hard to see that M. Aundre is extremely
talented. The vocal production throughout the song is great because most listeners are able to
hear the passion that M. Aundre places behind each lyric. M. Aundre grabs the listener’s
attention immediately, allowing for a sneak peek into his life and the things he’s dealt with.
On the new single, he says “I’m living in a daze that many can’t share. I’m me and I ain’t
perfect, ain’t nothing else there. Some things come in pairs, but with me, they broke the mold.
I’ve been around the block, so I can never be sold.”

The song’s production is handled by Sureet Sandhu of Digital Desi Productions. M. Aundre
happens to be one of those artists, you won’t forget about. In his new single, he references
various things relating to the experiences he has had.

Link to all music platforms: M. Aundre – Altered State [Single]
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