Lungelo Manzi “BALANCE” (feat Lisa Mbali)

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PRESS Release – Lungelo Manzi Considers A Conversation With His Higher Self With Visuals For His Latest Single “BALANCE (feat Lisa Mbali)

“Close enough to feel alive in the balance. Sekuseduze” – Lungelo Manzi

Johannesburg, [04 April], For Immediate Release

As a child, there’s irony in wanting to grow up. All that you couldn’t wait to be can look like the very traps your younger self missed in their wish to rush life’s process. As an adult in pursuit of his own access and personal freedom, 2022 #HuntersXJacquelCultureHouse (Durban Edition) winner and musical soothsayer Lungelo Manzi opens a safe space for growing pains with “BALANCE feat Lisa Mbali), the latest single from his forthcoming project ADULTING ANONYMOUS.

Stream “BALANCE” Here:

Lungelo’s overarching narrative touches on the self-awareness in forming one’s identity while finding your own path in community with others – friends, lovers, family, acquaintances and colleagues alike. His catalogue includes the Black Dog trilogy in addition to a slew of 2021-2022 singles “DUBB/ELLE”“WENA (feat Lia Butler)”“SAFE SPACE”“I NEED YOU” “MANIFEST”, and live album and concert ADULTING: The Live Experience which altogether laid the foundation for the running themes one can come to expect in ADULTING ANONYMOUS.

BALANCE is a seal of self-affirmation, produced by BEEZ. A reflective rap verse floats over smooth and punchy Alt R&B production, with sultry vocals provided by Lisa Mbali. It is the final single from the debut album by Lungelo Manzi, ‘ADULTING ANONYMOUS.’

Official Music Video:

The story was written and directed by Lungelo Manzi in partnership with DNT SLP – founded by filmmaker/musician Ngwato Mamiane and the visuals were rolled out with two preceding pieces of content. 

The first, a short visual explaining that Lungelo Manzi is an artist from Durban who moved to Johannesburg nine-months prior. Lungelo’s journey visually is accompanied by an eerie acapella of harmonies (scored by Lungelo Manzi) that echo BALANCE’S chorus imagined with a new arrangement.  This first piece is called ‘SEKUSEDUZE’ –

The second is a short trailer where we find Lungelo in the middle of his first session of “ADULTING ANONYMOUS” – a (symbolic) place to consider things. He alludes to an ‘X’ that he as a voter sometimes struggles to figure out who to give to. Connecting this uncertainty in this decision to a bigger uncertainty about settling into adulthood.  These two pieces, together give context to the contemplative introduction we receive when the visuals for the official music video begin.

Watch “BALANCE” (Official Trailer): 

Watch “BALANCE” (Official Music Video) Here:

The journey of balance, though a path less travelled is one best shared with a helping hand. Stream “BALANCE” on your favourite DSP and connect with Lungelo Manzi for more music news.

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