Hustle Mindset Spotlight – Jenny Bee Professional Photographer

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What drives you to be your best?

I do enjoy getting paid well for what I’m doing but that’s not what drives me to be my best. At the end of the day I aim to please and love to learn. I always want to give clients the best product, which in my case, is good pictures! (Whether I’m in front or behind the camera!)

How do you stay focused on your goals?

I make sure everything I need to do is on my calendar and show up early. I also have written goals I want to reach each month. Writing them out helps me to organize and focus!

Mindset, what motivates you to hustle?

I genuinely prefer to be a busy bee. 🐝 Hustling to book my own work has been a priority ever since I started working for myself 8 years ago!

Picture by me!